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Kickstarter for game funding

April 15, 2012

The recent success of Tim Schafer‘s crew to fund their new project through Kickstarter just grabbed my attention, and many others it seems. Tim Schafer, for those that do not know it, is the developer behind the Monkey Island and Grim Fandango games, among others. Myself I am only familiar with the former.

Initially they had a goal of $400 000, and ended up with more than eight times that. This way of funding the development means they are in principle freed from any publisher deciding how the game should be, for better or for worse. I am thinking for the better. I think it allows for a more creativity and taking bigger risks. I wish Tim and his crew the best of luck!
Other interesting projects I came across are The Banner Saga and Wasteland 2. I did not notice the project by Tim Schafer soon enough to participate, but these two have already gotten my money. I am also considering Shadowrun Returns. The former two have a few days left if you want to contribute, Shadowrun ends in 13 days.
Why I am throwing money at these games before development have even started you say? Several reasons. While I do not have much time to spare to actually play these games, I like the development model. If the games turns out good I have gotten some very cheap games. Wasteland 2 and Shadowrun Returns are $15 each for a digital DRM free copy, The Banner Saga only $10. If they turn out bad, I threw my money at some very talented enthusiasts that wanted to develop their dream project. No harm done as far as I am concerned.
Secondly, and at least as important for me, they are all promising a Linux port! For Windows a game with development budget on the order of a few million dollars are medium sized and there are quite a few finished products to choose from. For Linux, this makes the games some of the biggest projects ever to come to the platform as far as I am aware.
While waiting for the games to finish, Trine 2 is up for grabs. I have not tried it yet, but I heard it is pretty good stuff. I have already tried Trine and Braid, both available through Desura. I can recommend both.
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