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Created a flattr account

January 10, 2011

So, about a month ago I created for myself a flattr account, and today I decided to add my blog as a product that you can flattr if you feel like it. Ideally I would prefer that I could add a clickable icon as a signature to each post, but I do not see any way to do this on WordPress? Does anyone out there have a recommendation on how to best integrate Flattr to a WordPress blog?

Oh, and most of you two readers out there might ask yourself what flattr is? Well, it is a site where you set up an account and add funds. Then you decide how much should go out of your account. Afterwards, you can click on a simple flattr button when you want to donate some money to a product, which could be a video on Vimeo, an article like this one, a linux distribution or whatever other product you can think of really. The monthly amount will automatically be divided between all the things you flattered in a given month. In other words, it is one of the easiest ways I’ve seen yet where you can donate a small amount of money quickly and easily without spending everything on credit card charges. I think this concept has a lot going for it!

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