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Open Spotify links in konqueror

December 28, 2009
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Just a brief post to explain how you can open spotify links in konqueror. This is not my “invention”, but now I cannot find the source. Hence writing the howto here for me and potentially others that are interested in the info. I found the following recipe in Finnish, but I am quite sure I read an English one when I did this the first time.

First you need a short script. I call it “”. It should contain the following two lines:

wine "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Spotify/spotify.exe" /uri "$1"

Give it executable (chmod +x ‘scriptname’) and put this somewhere in your $PATH, like e.g. /usr/bin/

Then you create the file ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/spotify.protocol with the following content:

exec=/usr/bin/ "%u"

After this, clicking on a spotify: link in a KDE program will open the link in spotify.


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