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My very own debian repository

November 10, 2009

Since last time I’ve been playing around making a debian repository. Actually it started when I tried to recompile Geant4 for my laptop. Previously I’ve been using the packages provided by Kevin B. McCarty at “ unstable geant4”. This version was a bit too old for my taste and so I wanted to compile the recent version. Then I decided it would be worthwhile to try to package in a .deb package so that it would be easier to reinstall and also remove the installation afterwards. Even more importantly, I would learn how to package in a Debian system!

I contacted Dr. McCarty about the idea, and he pointed me to another repository which he and Axel Neumann had been keeping. You can find more information about it here: This one only keeps a 32bit version of Geant4 though, so no help for my laptop. In addition, as Dr. McCarty is not anymore working in science, I still think it would be useful to have someone in high energy physics capable of maintaining a debian repository.

Currently I keep my own testing repository (all though it is fittingly called stable). You can try it out yourself by adding the two following lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb testing main
deb-src testing main

At the moment I have not succeeded in repackaging geant4 which is my current main priority. I also do not sign my packages yet. However, something which is working is the packages of Mad-X The package is called madx. I would very much welcome people to try this package and let me know if they have any problems. Add the two lines as pointed out above, then write “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install madx” in the terminal. If you have any comments, links to good tutorials, whishes or whatnot, feel free to add them below 🙂

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