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my first post / get spotify free

October 6, 2009

Considering to start writing a blog, and have now opened an account on wordpress. I also have opened a blogspot account ( ), but something tells me wordpress suits my philosophies better (being more open source as I have understood it). I have also installed bilbo blogger client after a recommendation I found from wordpress user bigbrovar. As a first entry I copy my “test post” from blogspot here again.

Obtaining a Spotify free account:

I thought it would be worthwhile to translate this page into English for those of you that doesn’t understand Norwegian…

This is how you can get a spotify free account if you’re not one of the lucky ones living in the UK. If Spotify free isn’t available at all in your country yet (or premium for that matter), you can still use this recipe to get yourself a premium account (leave the UK as your country of residence).

1. Go to this link:
2. Add this link in the field shown on the page you just opened:
3. Register as an UK residence, you can e.g. use this postal code: SW1A 2AB
4. Create the account and proceed. You can now download Spotify from this link:

If you have Spotify free available in your country, you can change the country of residence through “Edit Profile” when you’ve logged in on the webpage.

Feel free to ask questions if you find any of this not working!

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